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Taking Bitcoin off an exchange and transferring it into a hardware wallet that you control is one secure way to take custody of your Bitcoin.

The Ledger Nano X is an award-winning hardware wallet that includes mobile and desktop applications that can display your Bitcoin balance.

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Move from speculation to conviction.

A Bitcoin Macro Strategy

with Michael Saylor - Feb 5 2021

Michael Saylor, President of MicroStrategy, discusses institutional adoption of Bitcoin with Stone Ridge Asset Manager and CEO, Ross Stevens.

Speculative Attack

by Pierre Rochard - Jul 4 2014

As the adage goes, good money drives out bad money. How will Bitcoin drive out bad money? Satoshi Nakamoto Institute's Pierre Rochard writes how through the processes of fiat bleed, currency crises, and "hyperbitcoinization" Bitcoin will overtake weak currencies like the dollar.


by Daniel Krawisz - Mar 29 2014

"Hyperbitcoinization is a voluntary transition from an inferior currency to a superior one, and its adoption is a series of individual acts of entrepreneurship rather than a single monopolist that games the system."

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